Information Technology & Telecommunications

Information and telecommunications technology is ever-changing, providing a constant source of improved productivity and global competitiveness for the nation. As the technologies grow ever more sophisticated, the delivery models and financial structures evolve as well.

Hannon Armstrong provides our clients with the capital necessary to implement large IT & Telecommunications modernization programs that bundle software, internet, fiber optic, server and network resources.

This is our most global asset class with transactions from the Arctic Circle to the South Pacific and points in between.



Water and Wastewater

With operating budgets stretched, many public-sector utilities are struggling to upgrade critical water treatment facilities to comply with changing environmental regulations or to maintain system efficiencies.

Hannon Armstrong can provide the capital necessary to expand or rebuild these facilities, either through a tax-exempt financing structure or through the privatization of existing assets.

Municipalities and Water/Sewer Authorities can finance the improvements they need quickly, easily and economically through one of Hannon Armstrong’s competitive tax-exempt products which are designed to help avoid the legal fees and lengthy documentation associated with issuing traditional bonds.